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The contemporary art in Japan is naturally influenced by the world contemporary art. But the power of the Japanese traditions, the oppressive presence of a dense urban environment and the various traumatism undergone by Japan for 60 years (defeat of 1945, Hiroshima, earthquakes, economic crisis, etc.) involve a production very rich, original and little known.

Some examples, paintings, sculptures, photographs, classified very arbitrarily by broad topics: All the artists

- A modern vision of the traditional arts of Japan

- A rather classic geometrical abstraction

- Land-Art, Minimal-Art

- A popular art influenced by mangas and vidéos

- The obsessional presence of the city and the technique

- The big fears of Japan

- The difficult search for an identity

A popular art influenced by mangas and vidéos

The young Japaneses live since their youngest age in the cartoons of the TV, the comic strips (" mangas " ), the video games and the mobile phones with screen.
They are durably influenced by these images, which they revisit then with their own sensitivity.

Hiroshi Masuyama ( b. 1943) works in Tokyo;
Between mangas and traditional Japanese culture

" Bonzaï "

Yukinori Tokoro
( b 1961 )
lives and works in Osaka,

Photographer specialized in digital pictures, computer-aided creation and manipulation of images.

Yokoo Tadanori
( b 1936 Hyogo)

He tried for a long time to become an author of manga considered, worked in the illustration of newspapers then in advertising before knowing the fame by his ironic paintings.

Yoshitaka Amano
born 1952, in Shizuoka

1967 - Entered Tatsunoko Productions, worked on character development for such popular animated television series as Gatchaman (G-Force), The Adventures of Hutch, the Honeybee and The Time Bokan series.
1982 - Began freelance fantasy art and covered art for magazines and books.
2000 - THE SANDMAN: The Dream Hunters was nominated for Hugo Award and won Eisner Award - Artist Guest of Honor at Dragon Con, received Dragon Con Award and Julie Award
2001 - Started developing multi-genre presentations of HERO

"Time Bokan serie"

Koichi Enomoto
born 1977 in Osaka

Very young artist, graduate in 2002 of Kanazawa College of Art.

The obsessional presence of the city and the technique


75 % of the Japanese live in the big urbanized coastal plain which goes from Tokyo to Osaka.
The television, the internet with ADSL and mobile phones have a rate of distribution among the highest of the world.

All the cities are equipped with slot machines delivering train tickets, subway tickets, and also drinks, foods, cameras, tooth-brushes...
Even the seats of the toilets are equipped with electronic commands including heater and cleaning-device.


Naoya Hatakeyama
( b 1958 Iwata )

Osaka 2002
Maki Miyashita (b 1978)
photographer, lives in Tokyo
Torin Boyd
Photographer, american-japanese,
lives and works in Tokyo

Downtown Shinjuku, black and white

Humiyu Kisu

(b 1958)



Acrylic on canvas

Tatsuo Miyajima

( b 1957 Tokyo )




Daïdo Moriyama

Daïdo Moriyama is born 1938 in Ikeda, near Osaka .

Tokyo Subway

Stray dog 1971

Shinjuku 2002

Polaroïd 2003

Hiroshi Araki (博志 荒木)

Hiroshi Araki is born 1956 in Hiroshima

Queen of Camera _ 1987

King of audio and the two Goodman Speakers 1993

Astroboy in two configurations

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