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Bantry Skiff

This rowboat measures 11.60 m of length, for 2,07m of wide and a draft of 40cm. Each boat carries ten oars,  three veils and a crew of thirteen who train together for many months.

This boat of the surviving 18-th century of the expedition of 1796 is one of the oldest French boats kept preserved in good condition.

In 1985, this boat is going to be able to come to life thanks to the association " Chasse-Marée ", and to his leader, Bernard CADORET, the ethnologist. This one had the tremendous idea to restart the maritime tradition and to make reproductions of the 18th century sailing and rowing boat in France and in the world 

The  " Atlantic Challenge "  international  program combines traditional boatbuilding with exciting contests of seamanship

The Atlantic Challenge

The revival of the rowboat of staff of  La Résolue generated an international competition of big prestige, the  Atlantic Challenge.

Every two years, crews from many nations gather to compete in boats they have built in their home countries.

The first contest  was launched in 1986, on the occasion of the centenary of the Statue of the Liberty of New York, at instigation of  Lance Lee, the creator of  the  Apprenticeshop of  Rockland (United States) and of Chasse-Marée. The  Apprenticeshop of  Rockland is a non-profit institution whose mission is to develop the individual and the community through the experience of apprenticeship.

The summer, 1996, to Bantry Bay, a dozen nations confronts in the precise place where, two centuries earlier, the rowboat of staff of  La Résolue had touched the coast. Under Mary Robinson's eyes, president of the Republic of Ireland, Denmark takes won the trophy, equally placed with the Frenchmen. In 1998, it is organized by the museum of  Vikings' Boats of Roskilde in Denmark. The edition 2000 took place in Douarnenez (France)

Douarnenez on 2000

Atlantic Challenge took place from 15 till 21 July 2000 in Douarnenez Bay ( France).

Seven countries were represented:  France, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Russia, United Kingdom and Ireland.

The competition combine general seamanship, navigation skills, sailing and rowing.

The winner of  2000 challenge contest was the boat of  Bantry, representing Ireland, before the United States and Canada.

The Irish boat rowing...

The enjoyment of the winners of Bantry 

And sailing

The victorious Irish team, 2002

2002, 2004...2006

In july 2002, the challenge took place in Rockland, Maine, USA. The Irish team was victorious for the second time in succession.


In 2004, for the first time this biennial event takes place in the UK. The Youth of 12 nations will meet at Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales, between 10th & 17th July for a week of friendly competition, testing skills of boat handling and seamanship.

The Irish team, 2004

The 12 nations are: Belgium, Canada , Denmark , Finland , France , Indonesia , Ireland , Italy , Norway , Russia , United Kingdom , USA
The team from the UK came home in first place with 90 points, followed by Belgium with 87 points and the USA in third place with 79 points.

And now... Italia will host the Atlantic Challenge, in july 2006, in Genoa

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