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Failté Romhat Eire 
From Bantry to Dublin and Belfast (in Ulster) By way of Kenmare, Cashel, Clonmacnoise, Glendalough, Powerscourt
Near Bantry, CastleDonovan, Gougane Barra,
And the neolithic sites of Beara Peninsula
All that you want to know about
the ancient and famous 
Clan O' Donovan
Our Irish ballad begins in Bantry, town of Cork county, homeland of Aoife's family. Situated in the heart of a wide bay ( Bantry Bay), it was the theater of historical events as the French expedition of 1796. Today it is an animated town. In July, 2000 the youth of Bantry competed in the Atlantic Challenge. The monument the most famous in Bantry is Bantry House.

Bantry House

Gougane Barra


Kenmare's village is situated in about fifty km in the North of Bantry on Killarney's road.

Welcoming shops and colored streets are a consolation under a wet and fresh weather


Clonmacnoise (Cluainn moccu Nois)

Founded by Saint Ciaran in 548, this village became one of the first convent schools of the island.
The convent was a centre of art and culture during of numerous centuries but undergoes numerous plunders and destructions.

Cashel's town is dominated by a rocky cape, The Rock of Cashel.
This cliff lives the baptism by Saint Patric, towards 450, on the first Christian king of Munster. Afterward it sheltered a fortress which was of use as place of residence of kings-bishops of the Munster. The cathedral of the XIII-th was partially destroyed to get back the beams of the roof.
The jewel of this place is small Cormac Mac Carthy's Roman chapel. Dedicated in 1134, it possesses very fine sculptures, in particular human heads.

The bow of the choir of Cormac Cormac Chapel
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