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Mariko Mori (born Tokyo 1967 )

Mori was born in Tokyo in 1967, studied fashion design in Japan, and worked as a fashion model during the late 1980s. She attended art schools in London and New York, and her work reflects the combination of influences from Eastern and Western cultures.
Mori's work thus draws together new technologies and futuristic icons from the mediascape of the present and the spirituality and tradition of the past.

The four photographs, Entropy of Love, (1996) Burning Desire, (1996-98) Mirror of Water, (1996-98) and Pure Land (1996-98), symbolize, respectively, the four natural forces in the world: air, fire, water, and earth.

Water: Mirror of the Water -1996

Fire: Burning desire 1998
Completed by Pure Land ( Earth ) and Entropy of Love (Air)

Kumano (1997-98)

Birth of star 1995

Dream temple Tokyo 1999

Horyu-ji temple in Nara.

Since1995, Mariko Mori works in Beginning of the End project.

Beginning of the End consist in 13 panoramic pictures, with 3 series : Past (Angkor, Teotihuacan, La Paz, Gizeh), Present (Time Square-New York, Shibuya- Tokyo, Picadilly Circus-Londres, Hong Kong) and Future (La Défense-Paris, Shangaï, Docklands-Londres, Odaiba-Tokyo, Berlin)

Beginning of the end, Past, Gizeh, panorama 360°.

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